Comfort shoe selection guide

Comfort shoe selection guide

Comfort shoes of today are quite different from the comfort shoes that were made in the past. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of fashionable designs of high quality that get updated every year and take an increasing share of the shoe market.

Avidor’s comfort shoes

Comfort shoes have special features and characteristics that provide them with significant orthopedic advantages compared to regular footwear. Comfort shoes are available in a variety of shapes and widths, which allows a better adjustment to fit the foot structure of every client. These shoes are manufactured in a special way, leaving much room for an insole and suitable for various foot positions, and characterized by a better ankle grip for maximum comfort.   

Although, not every firm will be able to help you select the most suitable comfort shoes. Adjusting comfort shoes in accordance with client needs requires profound understanding of the foot structure differences, along with the ability to provide shoes of the highest quality. Avidor distributes footwear from the leading brands only, including:

Geox, New-Balance, SAS, Fin-Comfort, Asics, Maphisto, MBT, Rockport and Ecco. Our sales staff is composed of knowledgeable professionals, who are committed to provide each client with the most suitable solution.

In addition, Avidor chain offers a unique solution called “Shoe Analysis”. During this unique process, a number of elements are integrated into the shoe in order to perfectly adjust it to the client’s foot structure.

How do you choose suitable comfort shoes?

In order to choose comfort shoes that perfectly fit the structure of your foot, you should visit one of our stores with the following details:

Make sure to choose a suitable shoetree (internal shoe base) in accordance with the proportions of your foot.

Check the lining – keep in mind that high quality lining should be made of leather and not synthetic material.

It is important that the shoe nose will not touch the ground. The tip must be at least 1 cm above the ground.

Leather used in the manufacturing process must be soft and high-quality processed.

Make sure that the rear part of the shoe is rigid and supports the ankle properly. This feature is important for keeping the foot well balanced.

Do not buy shoes without sufficient space for the toes.

Choose shoes with a relatively wide structure. Quality comfort shoes are usually available in at least two widths.

Unlike regular shoes, comfort shoes should feel comfortable immediately upon wearing them. Try walking around the store in order to make sure that you feel comfortable.