Custom made orthopedic shoes

Custom made shoes

Avidor’s orthopedic shoes are manufactured especially for the client, including all parts from the sole and insole to the entire figure. Such solutions greatly improve the quality of life and are suitable for people suffering from problems that do not allow them wearing regular shoes or from extreme discomfort when using standard shoes. Our solutions are tailor made in accordance with client’s requirements and preferences.

Top-quality shoes – a score of 100 out of 100

The unprecedented and extraordinary quality of Avidor’s orthopedic shoes, combined with our excellent service, allowed us to become official service provider for several major organizations. Avidor chain manufactures custom made orthopedic shoes for the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, etc. Avidor chain has even received a 100 out of 100 score regarding its performance on behalf of the Ministry of Defense.

To continue providing the private and public sectors with high-quality orthopedic shoes, Avidor chain keeps up to date with all innovations in the field of orthopedic footwear. Our staff members take an active part in the research and development process of the leading firms, while the company implements innovative technological solutions into our daily work.

We make sure to provide the most efficient orthopedic footwear solutions that allow our clients to enjoy maximum comfort and a better quality of life.

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