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Each foot has its own unique character. Each foot has its own weak points, characteristics, appearance, and needs.
There is no reason to settle for mass-produced shoes meant to fit everyone.

If you’ve already understood that your foot is unique and one-of-a-kind, you’ll surely agree – you deserve insoles. Insoles that are specially made for you, with a perfect fit to your needs. Instead of compromising on uncomfortable shoes, or even “just okay” shoes, you can enjoy a perfect comfort experience with every step.

Addicted to sports? Run a lot? Started walking in the park? Or maybe a climbing wall or another extreme sport is your thing? Don’t give up on custom insoles. Especially if you are on your feet all day.

You are on the move, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, training professionally or as a way of life. But at the end of each day you feel your feet, sometimes suffering from pain during training, from discomfort.

This is exactly where Avidor Insoles, with our custom sports insoles, come into the picture – they are the perfect tool for reducing injuries, preventing pain and improving performance. The insoles will provide you with the exact support in the areas of the feet that are under load during movement.

You will be comfortable, you will feel refreshed at the end of the day and your quality of life will simply improve. That’s what happens when high-quality custom insoles meet sneakers.

מכורים לספורט? רצים הרבה? התחלתם לעשות הליכות בפארק? ואולי בכלל קיר טיפוס או ספורט אקסטרים אחר זה הקטע שלכם?אל תוותרו על מדרסים בהתאמה אישית. במיוחד אם אתם כל היום על הרגליים.

אתם בתנועה, שומרים על אורח חיים בריא, מתאמנים באופן מקצועי או כדרך חיים. אבל בסוף כל יום אתם מרגישים את הרגליים שלכם, סובלים לפעמים מכאבים בזמן האימון, מחוסר נוחות.
כאן בדיוק מדרסי הספורט בהתאמה אישית שלנו נכנסים לתמונה – הם האמצעי המושלם לצמצום פציעות, מניעת כאבים ושיפור ביצועים. המדרסים יספקו לכם את התמיכה המדויקת באזורים בכפות הרגליים שעליהם מופעל העומס בתנועה.

יהיה לכם נוח, בסוף היום תרגישו רעננים ושאיכות החיים שלכם פשוט השתפרה. ככה זה כשמדרסים איכותיים בהתאמה אישית פוגשים נעלי ספורט.

Like all good stories, ours begins with family.

On Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, in the 1930s, my grandfather, Yaakov Tannenbaum, opened a small shoe store called “Salon L’Naalayim Tannenbaum.” My grandfather was a man who knew how to dream, but just as important, he knew how to make dreams come true.

And his dream was to improve people’s quality of life through a more comfortable walking experience.

In the store he founded, you could find quality shoes that were handcrafted. With the establishment of the state in 1948, the store moved to Tel Aviv and was renamed “Salon L’Naalayim Atara.”

And now for a spoiler: Today, 82 years later, the store has become a chain of 14 branches for mobility solutions and pain treatment – insoles, comfort shoes, custom-made shoes, innovative pain relief devices and more.

Where do you live? Where do you work? We have a branch very close to you.

The Avidor Insoles chain has 14 branches nationwide, from the north of the country to the south:
Karmiel, Kiryat Motzkin, Haifa, Nahariya, Netanya, Jerusalem, Modi’in, Rishon LeZion, Holon, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva

In the branches, you will find highly professional and caring therapists in the fields of gait guidance, custom insoles, custom-made shoes and pain treatment.

You can find at our stores all types of custom-made Avidor insoles, quality shoe brands, innovative pain relief devices, a biomechanical laboratory, accessories, massage devices and more.

Would you prefer us to come to you? No problem. Call now – *8343

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