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Asics shoes are considered among the best sports shoes in the world

The use of advanced technology results in maximum comfort, excellent shock absorption and sense of softness and luxury. Asics shoes provide significant foot and ankle support.

Asics shoes are designed in accordance with various criteria and available in difference models that can be worn depending on the type of activity and your foot structure. These shoes are available in different widths with different levels of shock absorption, along with pronation or supination compensation features. Some models are especially suitable for flat feet and feet with a high arch structure and can be used for running, walking, jumping, ball games, tennis, golf, volleyball, trekking, triathlon, cycling, boxing… and they can even be used as fashion shoes. Asics shoes are characterized by a unique design and various lively colors. 

Asics shoes advantages:

Lightweight: Asics are made of light, yet durable materials, aimed to reduce the pressure on leg muscles, so the athlete will be able to train correctly without health damages.

Soft shoes with shock absorption features: in the rear part of the shoe there is a special anti-shock silicone gel. Forces exerted on the body during walking and running can reach up to 3 times your body weight. The human body distributes these forces through the fat pads on the bottom of the feet and by muscle activity and movement of leg joints. The shoes are aimed to compensate for the pressure in these areas in such a way that the shoes absorb the shocks instead of the body.

Stable shoes with a firm grip: Asics shoes include the Impact Guiding System (IGS), which is designed to promote the rolling motion of the foot during running and walking. Pronation is an inseparable part of walking and running. When the foot is not bent inward enough or if it’s bent inward too much, there is a danger of muscle and tendon overuse, or on the contrary – muscles and tendons may not be active enough during movement, which can affect the performance. Various Asics models are designed for different feet inclination angles. To achieve a correct ankle grip during activity, Asics developed the Personal Heel Fit (PHF) that allows adjusting the shoes to every client’s ankle structure. The laces also received special attention. Asics’ unique shoe lacing allows the shoe to provide support without creating pressure.

Breathing shoes: this feature is especially important for sports. Excessive sweat may lead to various bacteria and fungus. In addition, sweating feet are more exposed to abrasion and blisters. Asics shoes are made of breathing fabrics and materials, combined with technology that allows the foot to breath for a more comfortable and healthy experience.

Shoes that fit your foot: shoes that are too narrow or too wide don’t contribute to foot health. Shoes should fit completely for maximum comfort. To allow every client to select the perfect pair of shoes, Asics create models that come in different widths.