What are the prominent features of orthopedic sneakers?

The focal point when looking for suitable sneakers is similar to comfortable shoes in general.

The quality of shock absorbers in sports footwear may differ from one brand to another, although shock absorption in sneakers is higher than in regular shoes, and higher than in regular orthopedic shoes. Shoe planning includes various aspects related to arch support (lengthwise and widthwise), elimination of pressure on joints extensively involved in movement (such as the first foot joint – metatarsal) and the big toe, softness of the area that is first to touch the ground, correct lacing that supports the foot without putting pressure on the Achilles tendon, possibility to adjust insoles in order to upgrade and customize the shoe, etc.

You can enjoy your sneakers and then again – there is a way to enjoy your sneakers much more. By upgrading and customizing the sneakers, our customers benefit from a better shoe utilization and a much more protecting and pleasant experience.

Changes to be implemented in order to convert comfort shoes into orthopedic shoes

A few examples of possible shoe upgrades: reinforcement, hardening, elevation – either covert or overt, widening, rocker, shoe closure modification, etc. At Avidor, we constantly strive to combine efficient orthopedic solutions with aesthetics. Many of our clients come to us sore and tired, in search for regular comfort shoes, while every model is the same besides the size. The clients looks for shoes with aesthetic features that will also provide them with a suitable solution in accordance with their needs. Finding a suitable pair of shoes is not an easy task, since not only that each client has specific needs, but in addition – each leg is different and therefore, requires a separate treatment. In such cases, Avidor’s advantages come into the picture. We upgrade and improve comfort shoes from the world leading brands by utilizing innovative technological solutions developed or imported by Avidor. Our experts participate in professional conferences around the world in order to keep in touch with the constantly changing technology and trends in the field of orthopedics for the benefit of our clients.

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