MBT Shoes


MBT is a unique footwear technology that ensures comfort, pain prevention and stronger muscles responsible for correct posture. MBT’s secret is its patented structure that includes several shoe parts working together and bringing the body to the state of natural instability. This causes increased activity of the muscles responsible for correct posture and causes an overall change in gait. 

Much more than just a shoe

MBT causes a significant change in walking habits, which positively effects the entire body. People wearing MBT shoes say that they are experiencing a pleasant feeling reminiscent of walking on sand, combined with a relief and prevention of pain in the feet, knees, back, neck and other problematic areas. 

In addition to the positive testimonials, there is also a series of scientific publications and clinical studies that indicate the effectiveness of MBT shoes. The studies indicate that MBT shoes evenly distribute the pressure on the foot, improve posture and activate various muscles:

Pressure on the knees and hip joints during walking is reduced by 19%

Use of buttock muscles is increased by 9% 

Use of the rear thigh muscles is increased by 19 %

Use of leg muscles is increased by 18%

Abdominal muscles activity is increased

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