Joya – The softest shoes in the world

New at Avidor – Joya shoes – the softest shoes in the world

Joya shoes, the softest shoes in the world, allow you to experience walking like you never did before. You will feel the difference from the first step.

The feeling of softness presents new standards in the field of comfort footwear.

Joya shoes feature modern design and unprecedented comfort.

Joya shoes are equipped with a unique sole technology that allows selecting a suitable model for each client. 



  • Pamper your feet from the first step.
  • Healthy for the joints.
  • Experience a unique feeling of softness during walking.


Joya shoes support the natural body movement and encourage active walking.

Many clients attest to the positive impact of the shoes on their body.

Each shoe has a unique index that allows selecting a suitable shoe for every client.

The index indicates the shoe category.

Soft-Roll – Health and Comfort
The Soft-Roll line promotes physical health, allowing the foot to move naturally.

Soft-Style – Wellbeing and comfort
The Soft-Style line provides the benefits of softness, combined with a fashionable touch.

Soft-Pro – Performance and comfort
The Soft-Pro line provides a soft walking experience, combined with such unique sophisticated technologies,
as the Prooftex, prevention of foot tingling, ESD, etc.

Joya Technology

Patented Joya technology provides a unique and comfortable walking experience.

The main feature of Joya shoes is a flexible sole that supports the natural movement sequence and encourages active walking.


1. Swiss Technology – a globally patented technology developed by an innovative Swiss company by utilizing an extensive comfort-shoe manufacturing tradition. This technology was developed by Karl Muller, the inventor of MBT and Joya shoes.

2. Soft and flexible sole – made of soft polyurethane (PU) foam. This unique material feature unique shock absorption tension neutralizing abilities.

3. Durable external sole – made of natural, durable and flexible rubber, allowing a firm grip due to its stable footplate.

4. Flexible and dynamic internal base – uniquely adjusted to fit the foot shape. The flexible and pliable material allows maximum freedom of movement.

5. Removable breathing pad – removable pad suitable for antibacterial washing. The airy material provides a pleasant environment for the foot. Insoles are recommended for maximum comfort.

6. Soft and pleasant leather – made of a perfectly combined high quality soft and breathing materials.


Success Story from Eastern Switzerland 

Two young entrepreneurs from Eastern Switzerland are celebrating their remarkable success: they have sold a million pairs of comfort shoes they developed.

According to Claudio Minder, one of “Joya Schuhe AG” founders, everything started as a small project in 2008: “Since we invested all our savings in shoe production, we could only afford to rent a room in a shared apartment to be used as an office.” The shoe, which he describes as “the softest shoe in the world”, was developed by Karl Muller, the son and successor of the MBT inventor. “The first eight pairs of black shoes that we produces later became an attractive collection with more than seventy models”.

The company kept growing, from a small venture operated by two people it became a medium-sized company with over sixty employees in Israel and abroad. Joya shoes are available in 17 countries, while most of them are sold in Germany and Scandinavia. “I think that the unique character of these shoes makes them so successful. There is nothing like them in the shoe market”, explains Claudio Minder, who runs the company’s main office in Switzerland.

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